How to Find Love in 90 Days

Using a new, innovative approach to love, Dr. Diana Kirschner has helped hundreds of couples fall in love. With her experience and knowledge, she has created a program that will help you find true love in just 90 days. Her approach is based on the latest research and personal experiences.

Veronica Arellano

Veronica Arellano is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine who also happens to be a licensed massage therapist and a single mother of three. She is also a proud owner of a cool-looking home.

The 90-Day Fiance franchise is based on the idea of marrying an American and a foreigner. While many of the stars are married, the show also follows couples who have decided to break free of the pack and find romance in the US. The franchise is a big business, with the average pay being well over six figures. In fact, Veronica is the highest-paid of the cast.

The 90-Day Fiance franchise is just one of many reality shows on the air. In addition to starring many well-known celebrities, the show also features many lesser-known characters.

Russ and Russ

Those who have followed the 90-Day Fiance franchise might have noticed Russ and Paola Mayfield. They have appeared on the show in numerous episodes and have appeared in other TLC spinoffs.

While there have been several highs and lows throughout their marriage, it seems like Russ and Paola are doing well now. They are still together and have recently welcomed their first child. They were even photographed traveling together.

While they haven’t been on 90 Day Fiance since the finale of season 4, they have made several appearances on other TLC spinoffs. They were also featured in the limited series 90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined.

Kalani Faagata

Despite having been together for five years, Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa have faced numerous challenges in their marriage. Throughout the show, fans have noticed that the couple’s relationship has become tumultuous and they have been struggling to find a way to resolve the issues. They have not appeared on the 90 Day Fiance franchise for quite some time, but they are planning to return to the series in April 2020.

The couple first met when Kalani went on vacation to Samoa. Asuelu was an activities director at a resort where Kalani was staying. While the two were together, they fell in love. Asuelu eventually moved to the United States.

Tiffany and Ronald

During the heyday of the reality TV show 90 Day Fiance, fans glowed over the pairing of Tiffany and Ronald Smith. However, the couple has had their share of obstacles in their relationship.

One of the biggest was the birth of their child too early. Luckily, the pair were able to work things out. In the end, they moved back to the United States with their son Daniel.

After a brief breakup in January 2020, the couple rekindled their romance. At first, Tiffany claimed Ronald was trying to get her to return to South Africa, claiming he was a naive tourist. This was clearly false.

Nicole and Azan

During season four of 90 Day Fiance, fans were introduced to Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefal. These two were from different backgrounds and had very different personalities. Although they both had a lot of chemistry, they clashed over a number of things, including their personal habits. This meant that they weren’t in a place where they could really get to know each other.

Azan and Nicole met on an online dating app, and after a few months of chatting, they began to spend time together. They ended up visiting Morocco for five weeks, where they became engaged. In the end, they called off their wedding because of deception charges.



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